Saturday, 16 April 2011

Main Tere Naal Si

Main tere naal si

Main tere naal si, us vehle jad akhri sah tenu chadiyai,

Dhadkan teri mere kaan teh digi, tere dil di awaz sun aahi.

Main tere naal si, jad rab jameen tek aakhe,

Swarg vich tenu legaya, bahaan che bah paake.

Main tere naal si, jad auh aakhri shabd tere bhullan teh ked di si,

Dard tere shareer nu chad aayi, akhan che baarsi meehi.

Main tere naal si, jad zindagi de anmol pal tere akhan saamne aaye,

Tere parnam lehi lakha farishteh, shabd aasman vich gaaye.

Main tere naal si paave main haath tera faar na sakhi,

Zameen hove yaa aasmaan, hamesha naal assi hona, yeh khayal yaad rakhi.

S S Maan

English translation:

I was with you

I was with you, in that moment when the last breath left you,

Your heartbeat fell upon my ear, I heard the sounds of your heart too.

I was with you, when God came down to earth,

Arm in arm, he took you to another world.

I was with you, when that last word danced on your lips,

Pain left your body, rain fell from our eyes.

I was with you when the priceless moments of life came before your gaze,

To greet you a million angels, chanted prayers in the sky.

I was with you, even though I could not hold your hand,

Earth or sky, we are always with each other, keep that in mind.

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