Thursday, 4 October 2007

Welcome to Picturesque

As dramatic as the some of the 80/90's Hindi film scenes and dialogues, it would be perhaps apt for me to start this blog off by saying that Hindi cinema has played a pivotal part in my life and to a degree shaped a lot my ideas, thoughts and dreams!

So this is my ode to all those moments, good or bad, happy or sad, cringe worthy or profound...all those times I have sat in front of the TV watching cliche upon cliche unfold or all those times I have sat in the cinema, as the lights go down, witnessing path breaking movies....

It would be best to lay out the favourite era of Hindi cinema has been and still is the 80's/90's perhaps because I grew up as a child in those years watching countless films which have remained etched in my memory...

Many of them, are not well known...and downright unbearable to sit through now and watch but to me remain special and evoke the old nostalgic feeling!

So Picturesque is going to try to write about those films (along with new releases), that aren't necessarily excellent...but may have been forgotten or not as talked about....and may just make it a little more easier for you to admit to liking them too!


Mónica said...

Looks good. Like the background colour.
Will come back when I have some more time.

Good luck with the blogging!

bollywooddeewana said...

Great I love your blog, its my first time here, and i hope you come back soon with more writings

God Bless

Nasir said...

'Tis my first time here and having read the review of EK CHADAR MAILI SI, I was simply bowled over. No one else but a trained film journalist could have writen it.

I need to explore and learn a few things here.

Great Blog!